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Valve industry terminology interpretation, the purchase of electromagnetic valve must read parameter

Issuing time:2019-05-05 00:00

The solenoid valve is an industrial equipment that controls the flow medium and is widely used in the construction of industrial facilities. How to identify the performance of the solenoid valve equipment? Understand the following terms on the solenoid valve, solenoid valve procurement and selection of very much at home.

Sensitivity and reliability

Solenoid valve products are used to control the flow of media equipment, so the accuracy of the control for the media have strict requirements, the solenoid valve needs to change the flow of the media to make the appropriate sensitive response. Especially for water solenoid valves, throttle valves and control valves, the sensitivity and reliability of the solenoid valve in the industry's ease of use has become a key indicator of the performance of the test equipment. The sensitivity of the parameters of the medium flow changes, the better the sensitivity of the device, the more reliable its reliability.

Giant Liang valve industry standardization production line

Explosion protection performance

Explosion-proof solenoid valve refers to the equipment may ignite the explosive gas mixture of all components sealed in a shell, so as to withstand combustible explosives on the damage to the solenoid valve. Explosion-proof solenoid valve has the advantage of explosion-proof effect, long service life. When the equipment in the explosive environment, you must use the corresponding explosion-proof level of the solenoid valve equipment. Concerned about the explosion-proof equipment, must be made to the manufacturer to obtain the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued by the explosion-proof electrical production permit and explosion-proof certificate and verify. At present, Shanghai Giant Liang valve industry has a variety of explosion-proof performance of the solenoid valve products for the purchase side purchase, but also according to customer needs personalized customization services.

Sealing performance

Solenoid valve sealing performance refers to the sealing part of the solenoid valve to prevent the leakage of media, is to consider the performance of the electromagnetic valve an important indicator. Solenoid valve in industrial production, will face a variety of working environment and flow media, such as water, viscous liquid, corrosive liquids, high temperature media and steam, so the solenoid valve sealing site is not tight, will not leak on industrial production It is vital. If the electromagnetic valve product sealing is not strong, the occurrence of leakage accident, not only will consume materials, waste of resources, but also easy to cause pollution to the environment, and even industrial production accidents. In the purchase of solenoid valve products, must be more than the comparison, select the formal qualification of the manufacturer.

Strength performance

The performance of the solenoid valve refers to the ability of the solenoid valve to withstand the pressure of the medium. In the procurement, it is necessary to select the principle and structure of the solenoid valve according to the working parameters. Solenoid valve working pressure is divided into nominal pressure and working pressure of two, in general, manufacturers will be made in the electromagnetic valve body marked clearly. Solenoid valves must have sufficient strength and rigidity to cope with complex working conditions to ensure long product stability. Therefore, the strength of the solenoid valve is also very important.

In addition to the valve industry terms are more familiar with the purchase of electromagnetic valve products, but also concerned about the production of electromagnetic valve manufacturers and strength. Shanghai Giant Liang valve industry is a leading high-end valve manufacturing enterprises, is the national high-tech enterprises, specializing in high-end control valve research and design, manufacturing sales, technical exchanges, import and export trade in one of the international business entities. After years of development, Ju Liang has been formed with independent intellectual property rights of the valve brand. Giant Liang valve industry has passed TS (pressure pipe components manufacturing license), explosion-proof electrical production license, ISO9001 (International Quality Management System), CE (EU security logo) and other quality systems and special industry requirements of the certification system.

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